The Unique Trolley Tour In Buffalo That Only Gets Better With Time

At the beginning of this month, we shared the predictions for Buffalo’s fall foliage this year. So far, things have been right on track, with Buffalo’s foliage only now just starting to peek through and make an appearance in certain areas. With a later, more vibrant foliage due to hit the Queen City in the upcoming weeks, there’s still plenty of time to plan out what fall adventures you’re going to take while the scenery is so eye-catching.

Taking you through one of the best spots to surround yourself with the stunning foliage, find out why this one charming trolley tour only gets better with time.

Forest Lawn Cemetery is located at 1411 Delaware Ave., Buffalo, NY 14209. Here’s a handy map to help you find your way:

Have you ever taken a trolley tour through Forest Lawn Cemetery? We’d love to hear about it!

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