The Rare Footage From 1969 That Shows Niagara Falls Near Buffalo Like You’ve Never Seen It

All throughout the year here in Western New York, Buffalonians can find our landscapes and natural wonders drastically changing as the seasons go by. While you may be used to seeing our local waterfalls go from frozen over to flowing freely once things warm up, there’s one major waterfall that you may have never seen quite like this before. If you’re ready to go on a trip back through time, then it’s time you get a look at these photos and video footage from Niagara Falls during 1969.

To get an even greater picture of just how drastic “Dryagra Falls” looked back in 1969, be sure to also check out the footage below!

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Address: Niagara Falls State Park, 332 Prospect St, Niagara Falls, NY 14303, USA