9 Staggering Photos Of An Abandoned Hospital Hiding Near Buffalo

Just under an hour south of the city in Perrysburg lies an old abandoned hospital that is so desolate, it’s almost beautiful. The old J.N. Adam Memorial Hospital for Tuberculosis is one of the area’s most interesting abandoned places. Stepping inside gives a glimpse into the past, and photographers in Western New York and beyond have flocked to this long-forgotten establishment to document the deterioration.

Please note: this abandoned hospital is on private property. Trespassing is both illegal and dangerous, as the crumbling structure is highly unstable. Use your noggin, appreciate these amazing photos, and explore vicariously via this cool YouTube video:

New York is filled with some incredible – and hauntingly beautiful – abandoned buildings with stories that reach back decades (and even centuries). Do you have any tales to tell of other locations? Share them with us in the comments!