It’s Impossible To Call This Awesome Mudslide Near Buffalo Anything But Pure Fun

If you thought the muddy spring season was behind you, think again. Ellicottville sure knows how to party, and this event is one of the most entertaining of them all! Mark your calendars and prepare to get down-and-dirty on this one-of-a-kind obstacle course. It’s impossible to call this awesome mudslide near Buffalo anything but pure fun!

Sound like fun? Check out the video below by Holiday Valley to get a glimpse of what the event is all about!

If you want to take on the challenge (or just play in the mud), you can learn more about the Holiday Valley Mudslide here. If you’re interested in joining the fun this year, there’s still time to sign up! Registration is open to the first 1,200 people up until the day of the event, but you can sign up ahead of time here!

Have you ever participated in this mudslide run? Share your experiences and photos with us in the comments!