You’re Guaranteed To Love A Trip To This Epic Cheese Shop Near Buffalo

At the heart of every big city or small town in New York is something that the area is known for; something that gives the destination its own character and reputation. If you head down to the town of Cuba, it’s cheese. Located in Allegany County, just over an hour outside of Buffalo, the tiny town of Cuba has a long history with producing and selling great-tasting New York cheeses that people drive from all over to taste. If you happen to be as big of a cheese fanatic as we are, then it won’t be hard for you to see why this epic cheese shop is more than worth the drive to get to.

Tell us in the comments which cheese shop is your favorite to visit in Western New York – we’d love to hear. For more delicious stops to make outside of the city, check out The Tiny Town Near Buffalo With The Most Mouthwatering Destination Restaurant!