9 Reasons No One In Their Right Mind Visits Buffalo In The Winter

Buffalonians brag all the time about how hardy we are during the winter months. Seven feet of snow? Bring it on. Sub-zero wind chills for weeks on end? No sweat. But really… we’re all over here suffering from borderline seasonal depression and counting down the days until this miserable season is over. I mean… we’ve been basically trapped inside our homes for months on end, right? If you’re considering a trip to Buffalo in the wintertime, here’s a word of advice for you: don’t do it. Seriously… it’s not even an ounce of fun here when it’s cold. Here are 9 reasons no one in their right mind visits Buffalo in the winter.

At this point in the season, we could all use some comic relief. True Buffalonians know that our city is absolutely awesome in the winter, and there’s no way we’d ever stop living life to the fullest just for a little snow.

Why would you tell someone to never visit Buffalo in the winter? (wink wink!) Share your suggestions in the comments below!