Savor The Most Adorable Mini Treats In New York At Buffalo Cake Pops

Cake pops are a delicious treat that are pretty much exactly what they sound like: balls of cake formed into lollipops. Keeping the cake from falling off the stick is not an easy task! Cake pops make for great pastries at parties, weddings, and showers. In theory, they sound easy to make, but in actuality, they are pretty difficult to make and require a lot of labor. If you’re planning an event (or just really like cake pops and plan to eat them all yourself, no judgment from us!) and looking for a cake pop supplier, Buffalo Cake Pops in Buffalo is fantastic!

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For more information about Buffalo Cake Pops in New York, or to see some of their (creative and cute!) designs, check out their website or Facebook. They’ve got tons of cookie designs as well.

If you want to check out more delicious desserts in Buffalo, pay a visit to Lake Effect Ice Cream. They have some really beautiful frozen desserts and a variety of artisan flavors.

Address: Buffalo Cake Pops, 27 Chandler St #214a, Buffalo, NY 14207, USA