The Tragic Story Behind This One New York Castle Will Break Your Heart

If you’re familiar with our stories, then you’ll know that we’ve already highlighted 14 Stunning Castles In New York that many people didn’t even know existed. With that said, there is one particular New York castle that made it’s way onto that list that deserves to have the spotlight for a moment. Tucked away out amongst the Thousand Islands, you’ll find a romantic getaway that sadly has a tragic history that will break your heart.

Ready to lighten the mood a bit more? Then make sure you watch this aerial footage captured by YouTube user Jason DesJardins that gives you an even more spectacular look at Heart Island:

Did you know that Heart Island remained abandoned for so long? There are so many stunning castles hiding all throughout New York. Sometimes we get so wrapped up in their beauty, we forget to take the time to learn about their historical significance! If you want to learn about another extraordinary structure, then read about The Story Behind This One Castle In New York That Will Fascinate You!