Some Of The Country’s Best Beer Cities Are Right Here In New York

While you may not have ever known it, according to the folks over at, the American industry sells more than $119.3 billion dollars worth of beer and malt-based beverages every year. Taking a further look at this top industry, the company went on to determine which cities around the United States were the best when it comes to drinking beer by using five different metrics.¬†While the city of Cincinnati may have taken home the top spot, see how some of New York’s largest cities found their way to the top of this particular list. See for yourself!

So, did you expect these three cities to be the Empire State’s best destination when it comes to drinking beer? While our cities may not have technically cracked the Top 10, New York’s cities actually scored better than the average city when it comes to all metrics, except the number of beers per brewery. Wow! To check out the full list by, click here.

Address: New York, USA