The Hidden Beaches Road Trip That Will Show You New York Like Never Before

With so many beautiful bodies of water right at our finger tips as residents of New York, it’s not difficult to find a place to go swimming once the heat goes into full swing for the season. The one issue we will run into, is finding a beach that won’t be insanely crowded to the point where it could possibly ruin the entire relaxing adventure we had envisioned for the day. Giving you a handful of lesser-known gems and remote locations, this road trip will give you great alternatives to the more popular swimming destinations you may be use to visiting!

Anyone else already have one foot out the door with their bathing suit on? Tell us how many of these beaches you’ve already visited! If you’re wondering what other mapped out adventures you should take, look at these 11 Unforgettable Road Trips In New York To Take Before You Die!