The Abandoned Castle In New York Looks Like Something Out Of A Fairy Tale

Dundas Castle, also known as Craig-E-Clare, looks like something you would expect to find in a medieval fairy tale, but this fantastic structure sits abandoned in New York. Despite a century-long history, this place is still quite mysterious, and countless stories have been spread for decades about its origin, owners, and abandonment.

Ralph Wurts-Dundas, the mastermind behind this magical creation, moved to Roscoe and began construction in 1907; however, he died before the castle was completed. Although rumors of suspected ties to Scottish nobility and eerie ghost stories have been passed around for years, what we do know about Ralph Wurts-Dundas is almost as unique as the incredible tales. Wurts-Dundas was the grandson of William Wurts, one of the men responsible for the construction of the Delaware and Hudson Canals, and the son of William Wilberforce Wurts, a Lieutenant Colonel of the New York Cavalry during the Civil War.

After his death in 1921, Ralph Wurts-Dundas’ wife, Josephine Harmar was committed to a sanitorium. Legends of her wild rides on horseback through the town of Roscoe and imprisonment within the castle are just tall tales, as there is little evidence that Josephine ever lived in the unfinished buildings.

Craig-E-Clare was purchased by a Masonic Lodge and the grounds were transformed into a summer camp in the 1950’s and 60’s. The buildings have since fallen into disrepair; however, much of the original ornate ironwork, marble floors, and meticulous stonework remains, though areas of the castle have been damaged by decay and vandalism. Dundas Castle was added to the National Register of Historic Places in 2001.

Dundas Castle is on private property, so trespassing here is dangerous and unwise. Please respect the owners of this property and enjoy this amazing video instead!

This beautiful collection of photos, shot and shared by Walter Arnold on YouTube, is just one of his many incredible videos of abandoned places across the country and around the globe – check out his channel to see more!