You’ve Never Seen New Mexico’s Largest City Like This Before

If you live in or have visited New Mexico, you probably know a few things about Albuquerque. There are more than 887,000 people living in the Albuquerque Metro Area, which easily makes it our state’s biggest city.

The city is extensive, covering 187 square miles; the Sandia Mountains dominate the landscape. So Albuquerque both soars and sprawls!

That makes it hard to take in Albuquerque in one go. The best way to view it is from above. If you don’t have a hot air balloon handy or don’t feel like spending 24 hours sitting on top of Sandia Crest, check out this footage. It’ll help you see Duke City in a whole new way.

This video by YouTube user, Lyric Swift, combines timelapse and aerial footage to provide a unique perspective on Albuquerque.

Exquisite, right?

There’s so much to do in and around this city. If you’re looking for suggestions, check out 11 Incredible Day Trips Anyone Can Take From Albuquerque.