11 Amazing Facts You Didn’t Know About New Mexico’s Official State Things

All states have official symbols – things that represent the identity of the state such as the state flag and state motto. New Mexico has those, plus a few other unique entries. We have compiled a few of the most interesting and included some facts you might not know.

11. State Song – O Fair New Mexico

“O Fair New Mexico” was written in 1915 by Elizabeth Garrett and adapted as the state song in 1917. Though blind since just after birth, Elizabeth Garrett became a voice and piano teacher and studied music in the east. Also known as the “Songbird of the Southwest,” Garrett wowed audiences in Chicago and New York with songs about her home state. She was also the daughter of the famed sheriff, Pat Garrett.

In the version below, New Mexico songstress, Busy McCarroll performs her version of “O Fair New Mexico” for the burning of Zozobra in 2014. “O Fair New Mexico” is classified as a tango.

How many of these facts did you know? Were any a surprise? Let us know your thoughts on these and other New Mexico symbols.