These 3 Sinkholes In New Mexico Will Leave You Terrified Of Earth

One of the most basic assumptions of life is that the ground will remain solid beneath us. Sure, there are exceptions, like when you’re near the edge of a cliff or if you’re attempting some questionable feat involving ice and a spring thaw. But usually, you have some awareness that danger is present. Sinkholes are so terrifying because they can appear without warning.

Sinkholes are caused by water drainage and erosion. While some sinkholes form over time, others appear suddenly. They can be caused naturally or provoked by human activity.

Whatever the cause, the results are alarming. Just look at these three sinkholes in New Mexico.

1. Carlsbad

In Carlsbad, manmade activity already caused two sinkholes to form. There is another large cavern close to the surface of the ground, roughly below the intersection of U.S. 285 and U.S. 62. It threatens these roads and possibly a mobile home park and surrounding businesses.

2. Albuquerque

A burst water main caused this a sinkhole, which sucked in an SUV.

3. Magdalena

In Magdalena a 60-foot deep sinkhole suddenly appeared on a family’s property. Can you imagine seeing something like this in your own yard?

Have you ever seen a sinkhole or lived near one?

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