12 Ways Living In New Mexico Ruins You For Life

Here in New Mexico, we’re blessed with sweeping landscapes, dramatic skies, and scrumptious food. The downside is that, after living here, you find yourself dissatisfied with other places. They simply don’t measure up after you know what it’s like to live in New Mexico. Here are 12 ways that the Land of Enchantment spoils you:

How else does living in New Mexico spoil us? If you consider yourself a true New Mexican, see if you follow these New Mexico stereotypes. What are your favorite things when you think about what it’s like to live in New Mexico?

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What It's Like To Live In New Mexico

December 04, 2020

What stereotypes are there about New Mexico?

There are quite a few New Mexico stereotypes – some completely inaccurate, others admittedly true. People who’ve never been there sometimes question if it’s even a state (yes, yes it is), and often assume the whole thing is desert. That is anything but the truth, with landscapes varying from snowy mountain peaks to high plains and rugged badlands. New Mexico is known for its love for chile, and that one is certainly true, with most restaurants – serving New Mexican cuisine or not – having at least one or two things with chile on the menu.

Is New Mexico a great place to live?

Living in New Mexico comes with many great perks. Although it’s not quite as populated as neighboring states, residents love it for its beautiful weather, pretty scenery, great food, rich culture, and more. It’s hard not to be an outdoor enthusiast in this state when there are seemingly endless parks and places to explore. The state has its own unique cuisine that is absolutely delicious. There are also many lovely towns and cities that are perfect for settling down and starting a family or quietly retiring. While it may not be for everyone, plenty of people would say the Land of Enchantment is a wonderful place to live.

Do New Mexicans have any strange habits?

People from New Mexico do tend to pick up some habits, phrases, and more just by living here. For example, there’s really only one state where restaurant patrons expect and know how to answer the question “red, green, or Christmas style?” New Mexicans also tend to mix languages together in their day-to-day speech, whether their main language is English, Spanish, or even one of the Native American languages. A lot of other state residents probably don’t think much of their state flag, but New Mexicans tend to enjoy having the Zia symbol on just about anything, including some tattooed permanently on their skin.

Address: New Mexico, USA