18 Reasons Why Anyone Who Hates New Mexico Can Just Shut Up

We’ve all encountered people who don’t realize that New Mexico is part of the U.S., but even those with a grasp of geography don’t always appreciate the wonders of the Land of Enchantment. If you’re thinking less-than-loving thoughts about our state, here are 18 things to love about New Mexico that should remind you why it’s a truly awesome place to live.

What makes you proud to be a New Mexican?

Here are 20 reasons why the Land of Enchantment might be the perfect place for you.

Address: New Mexico, USA
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Things To Love About New Mexico

July 03, 2020

What are the best things about living in New Mexico?

Life in New Mexico is something many people enjoy on a daily basis. The Land of Enchantment has plenty of things to love about living there, from its scenery to its culture. There are more UNESCO World Heritage Sites in New Mexico than in any other state, just one indicator that the history and culture in the state are incredibly rich and alive and well today. People living there are able to enjoy the amazing New Mexican cuisine, including some of the best chile you’ll find in the world. The state gets, on average, 358 days of sunshine a year – basically year-round! You won’t find too many gloomy days here, and that’s a perk many enjoy.

What is New Mexico known for?

New Mexico is known for many things, from historic cities to its iconic sights along Route 66. Santa Fe is by far one of its most famous places, and the beauty, as well as the art influence it has, proves why. Tons of people far beyond the state’s borders also know about the annual, dazzling Hot Air Balloon Fiesta. Another well-known aspect of the state is its absolutely stunning natural areas. Towering canyons, deep gorges, mesmerizing caverns, open plains, and rugged mountains are just a few of the many picture-worthy spots there.

Is New Mexico a great place to live?

If you’re considering living in the Land of Enchantment, you’ll be happy to know that you’ll be able to enjoy the best things about New Mexico pretty much year-round. The state is not densely populated, so there is plenty of space to stretch and enjoy your own space. You’ll always be a short drive away from quiet natural areas, especially if you live in some of the most picturesque towns and cities. Many of the top-ranking cities for quality of life in NM have a combination of excellent school systems, low crime levels, plenty of nearby amenities, decently low cost of living, and more. Plus, how many other states do you know of where living in a lovely looking adobe home is pretty common?

Address: New Mexico, USA