A Visit To Fort Stanton Historic Site In New Mexico Just Might Send Shivers Down Your Spine

With all the history packed in New Mexico’s 121,000 square miles, you have to guess that some areas may potentially have more relics than just old buildings and desks inside buildings. Some people believe ghosts haunt the halls and remnants of old, abandoned, and even legendary places. One such location is Fort Stanton Historic Site.

For details about the historic site’s hours of operation, special events, and more, visit their website or Facebook page.

Website: New Mexico Historic Sites
Facebook: New Mexico Historic Sites
Address: 104 Kit Carson Road, Fort Stanton, NM 88323
Phone: 575-354-0341

There are plenty of other potentially haunted places around the state. Old restaurants, abandoned prisons, and hotels are just a few of the places that top the list. Among those is La Posada Hotel, a Santa Fe inn haunted by one of its former residents. Read about the hotel and its ghost, Julia Staab, in This New Mexico Hotel Is Among The Most Haunted Places In The Nation.

Address: Fort Stanton, NM 88323, USA