9 Reasons Why New Mexico Is The BEST State

Did you know one of the most exciting moments in American history happened on January 6, 1912? If you need to have your memory jogged (don’t worry, we won’t judge you), this is the date New Mexico became the 47th state in the Union. We’ve come a long way since that glorious day, and today we’re going to look at a few of our very favorite reasons to love New Mexico.

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How many of these do you find yourself agreeing with? Why else do you think New Mexico is the best state?

Another reason to take pride in New Mexico? The state is now home to the 62nd and newest national park in the country: White Sands. Read more in New Mexico’s Most Recognizable Landscape Just Became The Newest National Park.

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reasons to love New Mexico

February 24, 2021

What are the best small towns in New Mexico?

With stunning desert landscapes and towering mountain ranges, New Mexico’s expansive terrain provides an idyllic setting for some of the most delightful small towns in the Southwest. Take a scenic drive along the Turquoise Trail and stop off to spend a day wandering the charming streets of eclectic Madrid. A lovely walking strip of art galleries, boutiques, and artesian shops offering locally made turquoise jewelry allows visitors to peruse the treasures this town has to offer. High on the Pajarito Plateau, Los Alamos is surrounded by incomparable breathtaking natural beauty. Once used as a home base for the Manhattan Project during WWII, Los Alamos has fascinating sights to explore like the Bradbury Science Museum and The Lost Alamos National Lab. The secluded town of Cloudcroft is an ideal destination for skiing enthusiasts, located at 8,600 feet and boasting a damp, cool microclimate perfect for cruising mountain slopes.

What are the weirdest things about New Mexico?

New Mexico’s rich and diverse history gives our population a unique culture with traditions that may seem unusual to non-residents. For example, outsiders observing our Labor Day ritual of burning Zozobra to cleanse misery and ignite a renewed hope may seem like a strange way to end the summer months. Visitors to New Mexico learn quickly about our most cherished time of the year, our beloved chile season. Witnessing the deep passion we hold for chilies and the lengths we go to incorporate this fiery favorite into all of our meals may feel a little…extreme.  Breakfast burritos, anyone?

What unique words and phrases do people in New Mexico say?

“A la maquina!” New Mexico has a deep and unique cultural identity rife with many colloquialisms only familiar to those native to the “land of mañana”. For example, when you hear someone referring to the city of Albuquerque as ‘ABQ’, ‘Q’, or ‘Duke City’ or discussing Los Alamos as LA (the REAL LA)  it’s likely they hail from New Mexico. In restaurants across our state, servers will ask you if you want “red, green, or Christmas?” referencing the choice of red chile, green chile, or both for your meal. If you grew up in New Mexico you may still harbor nightmares having been warned throughout your childhood that if you disobey your elders “La Llorona will get you!”

Address: New Mexico, USA