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The New Mexico Sky Will Light Up With Shooting Stars And A Nearly Full Moon This Week

Every summer the Perseid Meteor Shower shoots across our sky, but this year is one for the books. The Land of Enchantment has a front-row seat to this amazing show in the night sky, and this year it’s supposed to be a special one, with over 100 meteors per hour shooting across the sky every minute. What’s extra rare is that the moon will also be nearly full, making for a bright and beautiful backdrop to this natural phenomenon, although it does decrease the visibility of the meteors. Nonetheless, get ready to be amazed, because the best night to see this annual shower of shooting stars is coming up early this week.

Do you have any go-to spots in New Mexico to view the Perseids? Where are they? We’d love to hear your suggestions in the comments, and don’t forget to then go share photos from your dark night with us in our New Mexico Nature Lovers Facebook group, or tag us on Instagram by tagging #onlyinnewmexico for a chance to be featured.

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