One New Mexico Town Is The Nation’s Oldest Continuously Used Movie Location

When New Mexicans mention Las Vegas, we’re rarely talking about the gambling mecca in Nevada. Instead, we’re referring to Las Vegas, New Mexico, a small city located 65 miles east of Santa Fe. If you’ve ever had the pleasure of visiting then you know that Las Vegas has a fascinating (not to mention lawless) past and that its architecture is a big draw.

Those working in the film industry were quick to recognize Las Vegas’ potential as a movie location. A wide range of building styles and landscapes were clustered in one place, which made filming here both convenient and cost-effective.

You’d never guess that these houses are all in the same city.

Movies shot in Las Vegas include: “No Country For Old Men,” “Easy Rider,” “Red Dawn,” “The Astronaut Farmer,” and many more.

Blue Canyon Productions put together this film to show why Las Vegas is the nation’s oldest continuously used movie location. (Please note that historic photos of hangings are included to illustrate the city’s violent past.)

To this day, New Mexico remains popular with the film industry. Here are some other movies you might not realize were shot in our state. Although there are many historic towns in the Land of Enchantment, Las Vegas is the most architecturally intriguing one of all.