Here Is The Most Remote, Isolated Spot In New Mexico And It’s Positively Breathtaking

Most people outside of New Mexico have never heard of the Gila Wilderness. But this sprawling area was actually the first wilderness area to be established in the U.S. and the term “wilderness” is not used lightly. Forget driving. Neither roads nor buildings are permitted here. If you want to explore this isolated portion of southwestern Land of Enchantment, you’ll need to do so by foot or on horseback. Here is one of the most remote places to visit in New Mexico:

Before you head out into the Gila Wilderness, you definitely need to be prepared, especially because you’re unlikely to have cell service. Double check that you have enough supplies, including water. This area is also prone to flash floods. You can learn more about the conditions at Gila, and everything else you need to know about visiting, by visiting the official Gila Forest Service webpage.

Remember, the Gila Wilderness is intended to be pristine and appear untouched by humans, so leave no trace.

Have you explored this breathtaking part of New Mexico? Here are more beautiful natural areas in New  Mexico you can visit.

Address: Silver City, NM 88061, USA
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Most Remote Places To Visit In New Mexico

November 06, 2020

What are the best outdoor adventures in New Mexico?

There are many places where you can have an outdoor adventure in New Mexico. Let out your inner explorer in places like City Of Rocks State Park. Located near Deming, you’ll be able to weave through the rock towers – some that are 40 feet high – and discover beauty in ways you didn’t know you could. El Malpais National Monument is another great spot for an adventure. This area is covered in solidified lava flows. Its unique landscape is stunning, but make sure you watch where you step – there are many deep cracks in the ground.  For the opposite, with towering canyons, visit the Cimarron Canyon State Park near Eagle Nest, New Mexico.

What underrated places in New Mexico should I visit?

It’s hard to decide where to go when there are so many things to do in New Mexico. While there are some obvious answers – famous places like Santa Fe, the Rio Grande Gorge, the Four Corner Monuments, and so on – there are also underrated spots barely anyone knows about. Sugarite Canyon State Park is a lesser-known yet worthy spot to visit in New Mexico. This area used to be a mining camp in the early 1900s, and now you can explore its history as well as the beautiful mountains. Another hidden gem of a park is Bottomless Lakes State Park. The sinkhole lakes located there are great for swimming or simply enjoying the view of from the shore.

Where can I go in New Mexico that only the locals know about?

Only locals know the best places off the beaten path in New Mexico that are worth visiting. Spots like the Echo Amphitheater, also known as Echo Canyon, are easily overlooked. That particular place is very fun to take visitors, as the natural rock formation in the side of a canyon has great acoustics. Plus, the area is beautiful. The Rancho De Las Golondrinas, located near Santa Fe, is a living history museum that also hosts annual events like the Renaissance Fair. Needless to say, locals love visiting it time and time again. It has fascinating New Mexican history plus other festivals like lavender or wine festivals.

Address: Silver City, NM 88061, USA