Most People Have Long Forgotten About This Desolate Ghost Town In New Mexico

When you hear the name “Georgetown,” odds are good that the one in Washington D.C. pops into your head. Few remember that New Mexico ever had its own Georgetown, located in Grant County. Although it was abandoned by 1903, photographer Russell Lee visited this spot in the Gila Wilderness in 1940. He documented what remained of a once vibrant town. His images are the ones I’m sharing with you today.

You can reach the land where the town used to be by taking Georgetown Road from Mimbres. To pick up this road from the other end, take Highway 152 east from Silver City. This route takes you by an overlook where you can view one of the world’s largest open pit copper mines, which essentially ate a whole New Mexico town!

Here is a map to the Georgetown Cemetery.

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Did you know about Georgetown? What New Mexico ghost town most fascinates you?