15 Things You Quickly Learn When You Move To New Mexico

Congrats! You’ve made the excellent choice to move to New Mexico. Our state is an amazing, unique place. Depending on where you’re relocating from, you may find the Land of Enchantment requires a bit of an adjustment. So, here are 15 tips and observations to ease the transition when moving to New Mexico.

If you’re a transplant, what lessons did learn after moving to New Mexico?

Perhaps you’re thinking about relocating or are trying to find the perfect place to settle down in the Land of Enchantment. If that’s the case, check out the best places to live in New Mexico.

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Moving To New Mexico

September 11, 2020

What stereotypes are there about New Mexico?

If you plan on moving to the Land of Enchantment, here are some weird things about New Mexico you might want to learn about ahead of time. There are many stereotypes about the state, some truer than others. For example, New Mexico is known to be a place of UFO sightings and believers in the extraterrestrial. Not every New Mexican believes in aliens visiting the state, but many do – or at least play up the stereotype. New Mexico is known for its love of chile, and that one is definitely true. Many restaurants in the state smother their food in red or green chile, or both if you enjoy it “Christmas style.”

Is New Mexico a great place to live?

When considering living in New Mexico, you’ll be pleased to know that many people consider it a wonderful place to live. The state is not heavily populated, resulting in plenty of wide-open spaces and fewer problems of more densely urbanized places. New Mexico is perfect for an outdoor nature lover, with tons of beautiful natural areas that range from deserts to snow-capped mountains. The state is also great for cultural and historical fans. The state is steeped in history and the colorful and beautiful traditions of the state are still going strong.

What unique words and phrases do people in New Mexico say?

There are some things to know about New Mexico before moving there so you don’t stick out like a sore thumb when you make the transition. Namely, that’s words and phrases. It’s no secret that New Mexico embraces their “Spanglish,” so it’s helpful to know a handful of Spanish words and phrases before moving there. When visiting a restaurant, it’s likely there is chile involved in many of the dishes. You should be prepared to answer the question “red, green, or Christmas style?” This, of course, refers to red chile, green chile, or both.

Address: New Mexico, USA