This New Mexico Inn Was Just Named One Of The Best In The Nation

The Land of Enchantment is full of historic cities, buildings, and places to see that are full of Southwest beauty. Santa Fe is our oldest city, and the rich history it holds is absolutely breathtaking as you walk throughout, but it’s an especially memorable experience if you stay a night in a historic building. Within Santa Fe is an elegant inn where you can experience Southwest culture through its amazing adobe buildings and immaculate atmosphere. A night at this historic spot is truly unforgettable and is equipped with all of the amenities you need for a truly relaxing and luxurious getaway. It’s easy to see why this Santa Fe hotel was recently named one of the best in the entire nation.

Have you ever stayed at The Inn of the Five Graces in Santa Fe? Do you agree that it’s one of the best hotels in the nation? We’d love to hear all about your experiences in the comments!

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