The One Hike In New Mexico That’s Sure To Leave You Feeling Accomplished

If you’ve spent time at higher altitudes in New Mexico, you’ve probably felt like the clouds were nearly within reach. There are several hikes in the Land of Enchantment that almost let you touch the heavens, but one is especially rewarding. Climbing New Mexico’s highest mountain, Wheeler Peak, is an accomplishment you’ll never forget.

Have you climbed Wheeler Peak? Is it on your bucket list?

Before attempting this hike, you need to take time to prepare. Wear layers – you’re likely to find snow along the trail, regardless of the time of year. Many people choose to bring hiking poles. And definitely slather on that sunscreen.

This hike is signposted but, since it’s far from the only hike in the area, keep an eye out for trail markers. In other words, don’t get too distracted by the gorgeous scenery. It’s also important to get an early start, because storms are more likely to occur in the afternoon. You don’t want to be standing on top of a mountain during lightning. Always check the weather forecast before heading out.

If you’re not yet ready for this strenuous an adventure, remember there are plenty of scenic short hikes in our state. Here are a few suggestions.