The Story Behind This Haunted New Mexico Canyon Will Give You Chills

Ghost Ranch in Abiquiu has become synonymous with its most famous resident: Georgia O’Keefe. But did you ever stop to question the name of this property? Or that fact that its logo is an animal skull? Seems kind of creepy when you think about it.

You can actually hike the Box Canyon Trail – it’s four miles round trip and involves stream crossings. Paying a $5.00 conservation fee at the Ghost Ranch welcome center grants you access to this trail and several others, including the stunning Chimney Rock Trail. Here is more information about hiking at Ghost Ranch.

Had you heard of the Archeluta brothers before?

What ghost story or New Mexico legend keeps you up at night?

It’s easy to tag a visit to Abiquiu on to our terrifying Northern New Mexico road trip for an unforgettable drive, packed with chills and thrills.

Address: 280 Private Drive 1708, Abiquiu, NM 87510, USA