This Incredible Gelato Shop In New Mexico Serves Up Over 60 Different Flavors

On a warm New Mexico day, there’s nothing like an icy dessert to cool you off. This magnificent gelato shop is truly unique and has even more unique flavors. In fact, this Albuquerque dessert spot serves up more than sixty flavors of the cold, sweet treat. The gelato shop started when the owners went to Rome, and the result is gelato that will have you transported back to Italy. With endless samples, combinations, and new flavors to try, this gelato shop in Albuquerque is perfect for any ice cream lover, gelato aficionado, or sweets lover alike.

Have you ever had gelato in New Mexico? Have you tried any of the unique flavors at Frost Gelato in Albuquerque? We’d love to hear all about your tastes in the comments section!

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