Someone Flew A Drone High Above New Mexico And Captured The Most Breathtaking Footage

In the past, we’ve shared drone footage featuring the wilder parts of Northern New Mexico. While much of our state’s beauty can be found in these rugged landscapes, nature surrounds even our largest city.

This video, shot using a combination of aerial 4k/8k drone footage and timelapse footage, serves as a reminder that gorgeous scenery is all around us. View sweeping images of the Rio Grande, panoramic vistas from Sandia Crest, and the glow of Duke City at night.

Take a few moments out of your day to relax with dramatic cloudscapes and vivid sunsets. Part state pride, part mental health break, Lyric Swift has created a YouTube video that is sure to delight. See for yourself…

Even though I’ve been up to Sandia Crest plenty of times and absorbed the city unfurling below me, this footage provides a new perspective on a familiar view. What do you think? Did these images give you a greater sense of appreciation for Albuquerque and the nearby areas?

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