A Parasitic Bug Has Been Spotted Throughout New Mexico And Its Bite Can Be Deadly

The Southwest is home to many different dangerous insects and reptiles, and the Land of Enchantment is no exception. The “Kissing Bug” might sound like a sweet and innocent bug that’s totally harmless; unfortunately, this is not the case. This parasitic bug can carry a fatal disease and has been spotted all throughout the southern part of America, including New Mexico. While this insect originated in Latin America, New Mexicans are now having to take precautions to avoid the dangers of this parasitic bug. You’ll need to know how to identify a Kissing Bug and do what you can to protect yourself and your family from a dangerous disease brought on by this parasitic bug.

Kissing Bugs are a serious issue in New Mexico. Make sure to educate yourself so that you can stay protected and spot a Kissing Bug in the Land of Enchantment. Have you spotted any Kissing Bugs in your area?

While these natural creatures aren’t dangerous like these insects, did you know that 300 million Monarch butterflies migrated to our area recently?