The Clearest River In New Mexico, The Gila, Is Almost Too Beautiful To Be Real

The headwaters of the Gila River are high in the Black Range of the Gila National Forest. The river flows wild and free in New Mexico, creating the most beautiful landscape in the state. The Gila supports plant and animal life along its banks that are so stunning and diverse that it was designated the first primitive area by the US Forest Service in 1924. Then the area received the first Wilderness designated by the Wilderness Act of 1964.

This Gila River experiences high water levels in the spring when the snow melts. Flash floods are also possible during summer storms. Therefore, it is essential to know the weather forecast for the area you are staying in and the areas up the river.

Have you had the pleasure of dipping your toes in the crystal clear water of the Gila River in New Mexico? If not, it’s definitely worth a spot on your bucket list.

Address: Middle Fork Gila River, New Mexico, USA