Most People Don’t Know New Mexico Has An Aircraft Boneyard And It’s Truly Fascinating

When it comes to planes, most of us are concerned that the right parts are securely attached in the right places. Our focus is on how aircraft are assembled (please let it be way more successful than attempts to construct IKEA furniture), rather than how they’re disassembled.

Nevertheless, when aircraft are retired, they have to go somewhere. And, for many planes (mostly from American Airlines), that final destination is Roswell, New Mexico.

Roswell International Air Center is the location of the “boneyard.” To the casual observer, it looks like a cross between a salvage yard and a demolition derby. Working here is pretty much a toddler’s dream job.

Low humidity makes Roswell an ideal site for storage, especially as some aircraft parts will be saved and reused. What happens to the rest of the aircraft’s carcass? See for yourself. (The section on the boneyard ends at 1:30 minutes).

Would you want to work at Roswell’s airplane graveyard? And did you know whose red Lockheed Jetstar was parked at the facility?