This Abandoned Rail Yard In New Mexico Is Accessible Again… And You’ll Want To Visit

Shafts of light pour through green and clear glass windows, creating a checkerboard pattern on the floor. The light adds decoration to a vast, empty space. This metal-ribbed building looks like it has seen a lot of activity and industry. In the past. Now, it lies vacant, waiting to be rediscovered.

But what about the future of The Yards?

Samitaur Constructs, a company out of California, received approval from the Albuquerque City Council to redevelop The Yards. Here is a 3-D model of their proposed project.

In the meantime, take advantage of the opportunity to view this old Rail yard.

The Yards are located on 1st Street SW at Hazeldine Avenue SW in Albuquerque.

Check out this video for a drone’s eye view of the facility.

Do you want to visit The Yards? How do you think we should repurpose derelict places like this?