One Of The Worst Disasters In U.S. History Happened Right Here In New Jersey

Many of the worst disasters in U.S. history were natural disasters, the worst being a hurricane in Galveston, Texas that ravaged the city. Back in the year 1900, more than 6,000 (and up to 12,000) perished in a devastating storm. This tragedy is not nearly at the same level, thankfully, but it remains the worst airship disaster ever.

For footage of the airship’s first accident (mentioned earlier in the article, and resulting in no casualties) you can view the short video below:

With Veteran’s Day on the way, it is important to remember all that our servicemen and women risk for the safety of our nation. The loss of these sailors is a tragedy and should not be forgotten. To learn more about New Jersey’s most infamous (though less deadly) airship disaster (the Hindenburg), click here.