This Is The Unofficial Late Night Snack Of New Jersey And You’re Going To Love It

Picture this…It’s late at night and you’re hungry. Maybe you had a drink or two, maybe you’re just craving something other than what’s in your pantry. All the neighborhood eateries are closed…EXCEPT the local diner. Ahhh, salvation from starvation. You head over, happy. Thank goodness we’re from the Garden State! When you get to the diner, what do you order? According to a recent study, there’s a pretty good chance you’re ordering disco fries. You may order something else, also, but it seems this is our go-to snack.

Have you tried Disco Fries? Where’s your favorite place to get them in New Jersey? For another Garden State favorite, check out our list of the best Pork Roll in South Jersey or the best Taylor Ham in North Jersey.