With Waterfalls and Panoramic Views, The Little-Known Coppermine Trail In New Jersey Is Unexpectedly Magical

The Delaware Water Gap is a natural wonder, and New Jersey is lucky to claim most of this National Recreation Area for itself! With hundreds of miles of trails, dozens of waterfalls, unique rock formations, and mining history that’s evident to anyone who takes the time to explore, the Water Gap is unlike any other spot in the country. It’s not quite a secret, though, and many of the trails get crowded and trailhead parking lots fill up fast. There are a few hidden gems, though, and if you know where to look you can enjoy the beautiful scenery and unique natural wonders on a quiet, peaceful, and underrated trail. One of our favorites in the area is the Coppermine Trail in New Jersey which also connects to the AT and Kaiser Trail Loop.

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Address: Pahaquarry Copper Mines trail, Hardwick Township, NJ 07825, USA