The New Jersey Shore Town That Sunk Into The Sea And Disappeared

Have you ever noticed that it looks almost like someone took a little bite out of Cape May? Like maybe the island should be rounder at the bottom, but it’s just not? Well, once upon a time, it was. There was a town located south of Cape May, aptly known as South Cape May. Little remains of the town today but its story is sure to fascinate you.

Were you familiar with this unique bit of New Jersey’s geographical history? I wasn’t until recently. What I found most interesting was how the entire shoreline changed in a span of decades, leaving ruins just below the water’s surface. I was also fascinated by Jumbo, the elephant. To learn more about Lucy, the Garden State’s only surviving giant elephant, click here. Do you know more about South Cape May, or perhaps something about another town in New Jersey’s past? Please share with us in the comments – history lessons are always appreciated.