The Scrumptious Pretzels At This New Jersey Bakery Are Almost Too Good To Be True

A soft-baked pretzel, lightly salted, is one of my favorite treats. Unfortunately, you can’t find them just anywhere – they’re not in most bakeries. You may be able to snag one up at a mall or chain store, and Auntie Anne’s, Philly Pretzel Factory and Wetzel’s Pretzels are pretty good… But what if you’d like something a bit more special?

Yum! You can expect good food and friendly service when you visit. Find The Original Mart Pretzel Bakery at 202 Route 130 North, Cinnaminson. They’re closed on Mondays, and are open from 8-6, Tuesday-Friday. Saturday hours are 8:30 to 6 and Sunday hours are 9-5. If you like pretzels, perhaps you like pancakes. (I sure do!) If you’re a fan, click here to discover giant pancakes in New Jersey.