Science Buffs Used To Flock To This Small New Jersey Town To Experience Space Age History

Today, Wall Township is one of New Jersey’s largest commuter hubs – a charming suburban community where many of the residents work in New York City and hop on the train each morning. But while it may be a modern town today, it’s brimming with history. Many of the oldest buildings in the township are still preserved and can be seen via tours. However, there may be no more unique historic site in New Jersey than the one at the Camp Evans Historic District. Back in 1946, the US Army Signal Corps successfully sent the first radar signals to space – and they did it right here in Wall Township, as part of an experiment known as Project Diana. Today, the complex where this historic achievement was accomplished is part of the InfoAge museum, and countless space buffs and school kids step back in time every day.

Have you visited this unique historic site in New Jersey? Let us know about your visit to InfoAge and the Project Diana site, and let us know what else you love about Wall Township in the comments section! If you’re planning a visit, you can visit the official website and Facebook page for everything you need to know. For another look into New Jersey’s past, why not explore the world’s longest boardwalk?

Address: InfoAge - Camp Evans Historic District, 2201 Marconi Rd, Wall Township, NJ 07719, USA

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