This Small Town Drugstore In New Jersey Is One Of The Last Of Its Kind

Remember when a trip to the pharmacy meant more than picking up a prescription? Old fashioned drug stores sold everything from cards to crutches, and it wasn’t a pharmacy without a soda fountain. As the years have passed, these stores have changed, becoming more about practicality and efficiency than fun and fantastically delicious treats. However, there are still several small town drugstores that keep the past alive. One is right here in New Jersey!

Pharmacies don’t come like this anymore, at least not often. If you live nearby, you’ll definitely want to visit. It’s a great spot for last minute holiday shopping, a sweet treat, or simply picking up a prescription. While Far Hills Pharmacy is cutting edge in so many ways, it’s still a blast from the past. Find it at 405 Main Street, Bedminster. For more New Jersey nostalgia, check out this article: 10 Stores That Anyone Who Grew Up In New Jersey Will Undoubtedly Remember.