This Quaint Little Trail Is The Shortest And Sweetest Hike In New Jersey

You don’t need to be in amazing shape to enjoy an amazing hike. New Jersey has a variety of shorter trails (some of which are wheelchair and stroller accessible) that almost anyone can enjoy. One of our shortest and most scenic hikes can be found in the lovely little town of Franklin.

For more info and a scavenger hunt that goes along with the trail, check out (Click on “Franklin Pond Info Packet” for the hunt.) For an amazing drone video of the park, highlighting the incredible views, check out the footage below by YouTube user, Johhnybtv. Be sure to view in high definition for the most breathtaking experience!

Find the Franklin Nature Trail at the intersection of Franklin Avenue and Hospital Road (behind Franklin Borough Park and the police station). To discover other short, scenic hiking trails around the Garden State, check out our list of 15 Incredible Hikes Under 5 Miles Everyone In New Jersey Should Take.