The Most Terrifying Ghost Story To Ever Come Out Of New Jersey Is Truly Chilling

As a lover of all things spooky, I feel lucky to have grown up in New Jersey. The Garden State is home to a host of ghosts, our very own devil, and all sorts of things that go bump in the night. In celebration of Halloween, I’d love to share one of my favorite ghost stories with you – the story of Indian Curse Road.

Quite recently, something very strange happened along this same stretch of road. Several drivers reported seeing a girl wandering alongside the highway, unresponsive to those who offered her help. Police responded to concerned callers and said that they were able to locate and safely return the young runaway. Still, watching this footage of the “ghost girl” gives me chills. Check out the short video by YouTube user bill3313 and see for yourself.

Did this formless figure look like a teen girl to you? For more New Jersey ghost stories, check out this article featuring seven of the state’s spookiest. If you’d like to do some ghost hunting yourself, check out this road trip to some of the Garden State’s most haunted places.

Address: New Jersey 55, NJ-55, Mantua Township, NJ, USA
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New Jersey ghost stories

November 26, 2021

What are some infamous New Jersey ghost stories?

Here’s a good one to tell ’round the campfire. On Sept. 8, 1934, the SS Morro Castle (an American ocean liner) caught fire and was beached along the shore of Asbury Park. Over 130 passengers and crew members died on that fateful day. Wreckage and remains washed ashore. To make matters creepier, the SS Morro Castle breached on the exact same spot where a ship called New Era wrecked 80 years earlier. Hundreds also died in that disaster. According to local legend, if you stare out into the sea from the spot the boats beached you can catch a glimpse of the ghost ships. This creepy ghost story is one of the most notorious in the Garden State!

What’s the most haunted road in New Jersey?

It might look perfectly innocent in photos like the one below, but don’t be fooled: Rural Clinton Road has been called the most haunted street in America. It is certainly the most haunted street in New Jersey. Legend says that a ghost boy hides under a bridge along Dead Man’s Curve. If you throw a coin in the lake, he’ll come to collect it. Stories of ghost trucks and other phantom vehicles, cults, and a druid temple where strange rituals are performed have also been told over the years. Most notably, it was along Clinton Road that a biker found the body of one of Mafia hitman Richard Kuklinski’s victims. Also known as The Iceman, he is one of New Jersey’s most infamous killers. Unfortunately, he’s one of many. Drive the road at your own peril… and don’t forget to bring coins!

Are there many haunted places in New Jersey?

There are! The Garden State might sound like a tame place, but ghosts and haunted hollows abound here. Even the most beautiful places seem to be hiding sinister spirits, and evil is lurking around every corner. The Pine Barrens are just as eerie. While they are beautiful, they’re filled with historic ruins, and ghost sightings are common. The legendary birthplace of the Jersey Devil, a nightmare-inducing creature with both claws and hooves, he is said to hunt for prey in their dark woods. The Pine Barrens are also believed to host a portal to another dimension, hidden in Ong’s Hat. This is one of the most notoriously haunted places in New Jersey, and just one example of the spooks lurking around every corner here.

Address: New Jersey 55, NJ-55, Mantua Township, NJ, USA