The Story Behind This Creepy House In New Jersey Is Like Something From A Horror Movie

Westfield, New Jersey is certainly one of the Garden State’s most charming suburbs. It offers a bustling downtown, spectacular restaurants, an abundance of culture, beautiful homes, great schools and safety…most of the time. A spooky secret hides behind exceptional exteriors and friendly neighbors.

Before you write this home off, consider that it’s a steal. While it was recently on the market for over a million dollars, it’s still priced several hundred thousand dollars below what the current owners paid for it. How often does that happen in New Jersey? The home has been rented for over a year now, seemingly without issue. It could be a perfect fit for brave souls with a hankering for the haunted. While “the watcher” may not be a ghost, this tale is certainly haunting. And, it’s notorious – the story recently made a national list of creepiest urban legends. To see more photos, check out the listing on If you’d like to read about another spooky spot in New Jersey, check out this fantastic restaurant with a supernatural surprise.