Drop Everything And Visit These New Dessert Shops In New Jersey.

There’s nothing better than raw cookie dough, except maybe raw cookie dough that won’t get you sick. I remember the very first time I tried it, and I’d travel to New York City just to get my fill. I’d take bus, then a train, then walk several blocks for a single “cookie dough shot.” I’d cross the ocean if I had to…I was in love. For years I waited, hoping the cookie dough craze would cross the Hudson River, and it did.

This dough is different from what you’d find at a supermarket – the flour is heat treated to kill bacteria and any eggs used are often pasteurized. Did I miss your favorite cookie dough spot in New Jersey? Please share with me in the comments, I want to try it! If donuts are more your scene, check out on of the best donut spots in the Garden State by clicking here.