12 Things You Can’t Do In New Jersey Anymore… But Wish You Could

There are so many wonderful places to enjoy in New Jersey, though some of our favorites have closed over the years. There are businesses and attractions we look back on fondly, and it’s always fun to remember the times we had. From amazing amusement parks to the best department stores, here are 12 nostalgic New Jersey establishments that we’ll never forget.

To bring back even more memories, enjoy the following short videos:

Bertrand Island Amusement Park, uploaded by YouTube user njkenny.

Footage from the 500 Club, uploaded by YouTube user The AC butch Show.

Korvettes Department Store Commercial from the 1970s, uploaded by YouTube user eyeh8cbs.

Two Guys vintage advertisement, uploaded by YouTube user stevations.

For an even bigger blast from the past, check out this article focused on Palisades Amusement Park with some great facts, photos and videos, and this gem of a video featuring even more New Jersey favorites: This Nostalgic New Jersey Video Will Bring Back Fond Memories.

Share your memories of these locations and other classic New Jersey venues with me.