These 21 Cities In New Jersey Aren’t Big And Aren’t Too Small… They’re Just Right

New Jersey has some larger cities that we love, from Piscataway to Plainfield, Cherry Hill to Hoboken and Montclair to Manalapan. We also have some incredible small towns like Cape May and Clinton. Lucky for us, we even have several perfect places that are just the right size; they offer the amenities of a bigger city with the safety and sense of community you’ll find in a tinier town.

What is the perfect size? For the purposes of this article, between 10,000 and 25,000 residents. Popular neighborhoods like Haddonfield and Princeton may come to mind, but I wanted to focus on a few other awesome cities and towns that might not necessarily get the attention they deserve. I’ve featured one fantastic town in each New Jersey county.

What is your favorite town on this list? Are you a proud resident? What’s your favorite favorite perfectly-sized city in New Jersey?