The One Unique Place In New Jersey Where People Live The Longest

Life expectancy varies greatly depending on where in the world you live. Japan has the highest life expectancy with an average of 83.7 years; Sierra Leone has the lowest life expectancy with an average of 50.1 years. The average life expectancy in the United States is approximately 79.3, according to a 2015 report. However, this number is not consistent across the country. Hawaii residents live an average of 81.3 years; Mississippi residents live an average of 75. Us New Jerseyans have a good shot of living to be eighty, or older, especially if we reside in Bergen County.

Did any of these statistics surprise you? Are you a proud Bergenite? Even if you don’t live in Bergen County, keep in mind that New Jersey overall still has the eighth highest life expectancy in the nation, so we’re pretty lucky. And remember, we can always be healthier! For another trail worth trying, check out this New Jersey hike, ranked among the most beautiful in the country.