This Unbelievable Water Slide In New Jersey Will Blow You Away

The infamous Action Park in Vernon has set out to build the “World’s Longest” water slide and they are well on their way. The 2000-foot long slide has already been built and is in working order. Today, a representative from the Guinness Book of World Records will be at the park to verify the slide’s official “World’s Longest” status. The slide will also be featured on the Today Show but may not be available for public use until next season. It is currently awaiting safety approval.

The nearly half-mile inflatable slide is five feet wide and powered by two generators and fifteen blowers. Ride time is approximately 60 to 90 seconds and employees are already lining up to test it out. Though only open to those working at Action Park, the slide has gotten its fair share of media attention. It will be featured on the Travel Channel’s “Xtreme Waterparks”, set to air on July 26th.

This isn’t the first time Action Park has tried out an extreme ride. Closed down in 1996 after earning nicknames like “Class Action Park”, the park is back and better than ever. The original park was home to several tragic accidents and dozens of injuries but don’t let the history sway you; everything seems up to standard now. Will you be trying out this insane slide or going with a milder ride?