New Jersey May Just Be The Water Park Capital Of The World

New Jersey is known as the Garden State but we could easily go by another nickname – the Water Park State. You’re never far from a water park here and we offer plenty of indoor and outdoor options. Soon enough, we may be welcoming two more. The American Dream mall project in the Meadowlands is set to have an indoor water park, though these plans are not set in stone.

What we do know is that Atlantic City will soon have its own indoor water park. Part of a complex created to make Atlantic City more family friendly, there will be an 81,000 square foot indoor park, 27,000 square foot outdoor water park and a 58,000 square foot family entertainment center. Of course, this is a massive project and may take some time. Luckily, we’re not short on options right now. Check out one of these parks this summer.

This list is only just the start, there are well over a dozen water parks in New Jersey. Which is your favorite?