These 7 Road Trips In New Jersey Will Take You To Places You’ll Never Forget

New Jersey is a small state. It takes under four hours to get from High Point to Cape May and crossing the state from east to west will only run you about an hour. Typically, road trips are seen as longer journeys, but we pack a lot of beauty and adventure into a tiny space. Whether you’re looking to cruise along the beaches or soak up some history, there is a road trip in the state that you’re sure to love.

From scenic views to historic homes, Jersey has got it all. Lucky for us, no matter where we are in the state, we are just a few hours from all the goodness New Jersey has to offer. You’re never far from a beautiful beach, state park or Revolutionary War battleground. Sometimes these sites are best seen separately while other times a road trip enhances the experience. Why not take a day to celebrate our state and head out for a drive? Did your favorite New Jersey road trip make the list? What would you add?