13 Amazing Things You Can Do In New Jersey If You Hit Tonight’s Powerball Jackpot

Tonight’s Powerball jackpot is expected to be a whopping $800,000,000! The cost of living in New Jersey is high, but with that kind of money, you could fully enjoy all that the state has to offer. We have luxurious resorts, exclusive country clubs, posh restaurants, exciting adventures, and so much more! If you’re tonight’s lucky lottery winner, you’ll have no problem affording the following 13 lavish indulgences.

Which one of these would you enjoy most? What else would you spend your fortune on? You could start a charity, buy a submarine (C-Explorers by U-Boat Works will run you $1,000,000 a pop) purchase a diamond perfume bottle from DKNY, score a private island, take a trip to the moon and back ($750,000,000) and maybe even buy the New Jersey Devils (last purchased for an estimated $325,000,000).

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